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Comment from some recent puppy buyers:

Hi Debbie

All is going well - Harold-Harry is an amazing pup! He really has a wonderful personality - seems very calm but still quite playful and quick to learn.

Our other dog took to him really well -she enjoys his company- they romp around a lot and then she is able to give herself a break by retreating up to a high lounge chair on the verandah. He sleeps in the laundry at night and is going really well with his toilet training - every time I take him outside on the grass he will go to the toilet and so we haven't had too many  accidents inside. He loves the farm and running about and isn't too worried about all our birdlife or bulls.

It is amazing how quickly dogs become a major part of your life - they really are a  special gift and bring you so much joy.

Thanks for a wonderful pup.

Kim and Ed


Hi Debbie,

Mala has done exactly what you said. Settled in well, playing and snuggling with Shadow. Shadow is great with her. Attached are some pics I thought you would like.

Thanks for all the goodies and our precious little girls.

Cath and Phil Tribe


HI Debbie

Everything is going great!!  She is a lovely dog and has settled in so well.  No crying at night, eating well, playing beautifully.  We are delighted with her!  Thank you so much.

Kind regards,



Hi  Deb,

Thank you again letting my family have Nike – What a champion little dog.

We took your advice and let him sleep in the laundry – He settled quickly onto his new dog house base,  mat and mattress – we didn’t hear a peep from him at all during a very windy unsettled night.

His behaviour is an absolute credit to the way you raise your dogs. He was introduced to at least 20 different people yesterday ranging in age from  6 – 60. He was friendly to everybody – there was no  fear, licking, barking or any other "typical doggy" type behaviour at all. In short he is a little "gentleman" loved by all who meet him.

We gave him the "one cup" of the dog food with ˝ a tin of sardines in oil last night.  He wolfed the entire meal down with a couple of kids very close to him. He didn’t growl or snap at the kids whilst eating – it was really amazing to watch.

I must say that  Nike is a perfect ambassador for Redora and yourself.

The Weston’s thank you again and wish you and your husband the very best of good luck in your dog breeding business.



            Little Max has turned out so well he is just so beautiful, Kirsty has done a great job with him you would be very proud of him.  Alex


Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to let you know that we are delighted with our little Alfie and that his big brother Oscar has now warmed to him well. When we take Alfie to puppy class Oscar now waits at the top of the stairs for his return! They are rumbling and playing together and Alfie isn’t at all daunted by Oscar but knows when to drop to the ground and say "ok you win"!

He is progressing very well at puppy class and is calm and friendly with the other dogs – each week the  trainer uses Alfie to play with a timid, submissive little spoodle. She asks everyone to pick up their pups and then looks around for Alfie , asking us to put him down with the scared pup, as he is calm , friendly and doesn’t try to dominate. So very good endorsements of an excellent nature.

I hope you are enjoying a well-earned break from the’ fur babies’ and just wanted to let you know you are certainly doing something right!

With thanks,



Thanks for following up. Perry has settled in brilliantly – so far a dream pup – very quiet and well behaved.

He had a little cry for literally 20 minutes each of the first 2 nights and a bit more than that going to bed on the first night, but since then has gone through the night. First bath today, no protest whatsoever – he’s great !

Kids adore him but are equally happy to let him be which I think Perry appreciates.  He’s getting bolder by the day.

Kind regards,


Hi Debbie,
Just thought i'd check in an let you know how the pup is going.
Grown so much since we got him and seems to be very settled now.  My parents just adore him and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't want one for themselves soon.  Hope you don't mind I've passed on your details to a few people who have met him and fallen in love and are interested in getting one too. Mum works in aged care and takes the pup with her to met her clients so he has been very socialised.  Attached a few pics for you to see how much he has grown. 




Ben Frewin |