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About Redorah

From a mutual love of Dobermanns and Miniature Schnauzers, my husband Allan and I have built up a small but very select kennel of Dobermanns and more recently Minis.  Allan and his family have always been involved with Dobermanns, his brother and sister in law breeding under the Balind prefix.  We acquired a show dog, Balind Dark Thunder from them in 1984 as well as a brown female.  In 1986 we were offered a black female from Maria and Laurie Wheeler of Borealis Kennels which was “Ch Borealis Swanton Tart” who became the foundation on which we have built.  “Irma” had excellent pedigrees and we were very honoured to own her and have always been indebted to Maria and Laurie for allowing us to have this special friend and for all their support over the years.


Left: Our foundation bitch "Irma"
Aust Ch Borealis Swanton Tart

Irma was bred firstly to “Borealis Amber Flash and this produced 5 champions including Ch Redorah Five Card Stud and Ch Redorah Dealers Choice  who were both multiple Best in Group and specialty winners, also Ch Redorah Roll the Dice who was an All Breeds Best in Show winner.

We have gone on from that point to produce consistent type and temperament including the delightful Ch Redorah Double Impact “Diesel” who was a very consistent winner including 2 Sydney Royal Reserve Challenges until he badly injured his shoulder unable to be shown again.


We also had a love of Miniature Schnauzers and always wanted to own one and in 1986 we were offered a puppy from Mirazac Kennels, “Ch Mirazac Left of Centre” (pictured left).  Chloe was a multiple Best in Group and Class in Show winner also Sydney Royal Reserve Challenge and consistent specialty winner.  She was Challenge Bitch at the 1997 NSW Schnauzer Club Show at just under 12 months old.  In her first seven weeks in minor puppy class Chloe clocked up 7 All Breeds Classes in Show.  In 1987 Chloe was “National Dog” point score winner for Mini Schnauzers.  Unfortunately Chloe has only produced one litter  of 2 puppies for us, one of which is Ch Redorah Hi Society who has become the foundation bitch of our kennel.

It was at this time that we became involved with Marelyne McLeod-Woodhouse of Schonhardt Mini Schnauzers. She has been our mentor and has always lent a hand whenever needed.  She has been a wealth of information and has helped guide us to where we are today.  We are always indebted to Marelyne for her honesty and criticism when required.

We have used Schonhardt breeding which incorporates the Canadian Minuteman Mini Schnauzer lines and have found this to be a very successful mix.  Recently we have used the Canadian lines of Meinkismahs with great success and look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with our friends at Schonhardt.

Our aim is produce excellent type and temperaments in these animals and so far I think we have been very successful.